How Will Selling Mineral Rights Impact My Property?

If you’ve inherited a piece of land with mineral rights, you may have considered what happens when or if you sell them. You may question if your mineral rights are worth anything or how selling them may alter your property. Rocking WW Minerals, LLC can help you understand the process from start to finish.

Mineral rights property law states that whoever owns the dominant estate can alter the surface to explore natural materials. When you sell your mineral rights, you get paid the projected value of what lies underneath the surface while keeping full control of your property. Because of the nature of drilling, selling mineral rights can also change what happens to the exterior of your land.

How to sell mineral rights in Wyoming

Should I Sell My Mineral Rights?

When you transfer mineral rights, we give you a lump sum estimate of your land’s worth for the entire timespan we would use it. We determine value based on our technical knowledge of hydrocarbon mining. That way, you don’t have to worry about property value ups and downs over time.

Selling the mineral rights on your property might be a difficult decision for you and your family. We understand that you may have emotional ties to the land or the inheritance. We follow Cowboy Ethics and the Code of the West, which means we value your choice and provide options to make you comfortable.

What Happens After I Sell Mineral Rights?

At RWW we provide a valuation that gives you a real return on investment. After you sell some, most or all your mineral rights, we create an agreement. For many, this will mean using both the surface and underneath for our procedure to take place.

To transfer mineral rights without affecting the surface, you can sell part of the property or speak with our team about your hesitations. We will walk you through the process and even show you how to enjoy tax savings when you sell.

Trust RWW to Keep Your Minerals in the West

As a Wyoming-based company, we know how important land is to your family, business or connection to the state. That is why we get rid of the middleman and keep your minerals local. Our personalized process also allows us to give you the highest price on your property’s mineral rights.

Our valuation will determine if your mineral rights are an asset you’d like to sell. We project the number of wells, and when, where and who can drill them to give you the most accurate estimate. Request a free property valuation online to begin the process.


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