Rocking WW Minerals LLC (“RWW”) is a Wyoming-based company focused on the acquisition of mineral and royalty interests across Wyoming and the surrounding Rockies region.

We’re not speculators. We’re not brokers. We’re not flippers.

Founded by industry experts who have spent their careers on the exploration and production side, RWW is among a new breed of mineral buyers. We’re not speculators. We’re not brokers. We’re not flippers. RWW’s team has operated over 1,000 wells, acquired over 175,000 net acres, and drilled 160 wells in Wyoming alone, and have worked with countless Wyoming institutions on special projects to improve environmental stewardship and maximize the ultimate recovery of hydrocarbons. RWW’s team is committed to Wyoming and the Rockies for the long haul, and to setting a new standard on what it means to be a mineral and royalty acquisition company.

What You Can Expect

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We’re never afraid to tell you what’s behind an offer or valuation

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Your offer will be based on the projected value of your fully developed assets, today

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If you have a better offer than what we can do, we’ll tell you to take it

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A handshake still means everything to us

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We’re here to help you make the right choice for you and your family — we’ll never pressure you into making a decision

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Relax – we’ve got this. Our in-house title and closing teams are here to make sure you get paid within days — or even hours

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Our relationship doesn’t end at closing — we’ll help make sure you understand how to handle your proceeds properly

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Technical Driven Approach

We’ve dedicated a lot of time and resources to understanding the rock in Wyoming, conducting large scale technical studies across various basins with third-party independents as well as with our own proprietary data. You can trust that our mineral valuations are reliable and accurate, driven by the three factors that matter most: geology, engineering, and drill timing.

Cowboy Ethics

Rooted in the western tradition of cowboy ethics, RWW has been able to develop and maintain genuine relationships at every level of the business — from ranchers in rural Wyoming to the industry’s most notable executive teams. At RWW we’re about doing what’s right — not what’s easy. We chose to relocate from Denver to Wyoming because we value community and relationships. Our goal is to make a positive impact on those we surround ourselves with, wherever we are.

The Code of the West

1) Live each day with courage.2) Take pride in your work.3) Always finish what you start.4) Do what has to be done.5) Be tough, but fair.6) When you make a promise, keep it.7) Ride for the brand.8) Talk less and say more.9) Remember that some things aren't for sale.10) Know where to draw the line